Wattanapat Ao Nang Hospital Company Limited

 1.      About us

         Wattanapat Ao Nang Hospital Company Limited with Wattanapat Ao Nang Hospital in its ownership (“The company”) is located on 555 Moo 5 Tumbol Aonang, Amphur Muang, Krabi, the official website is

The Company, healthcare service provider, acts as personal information controller and is in compliance with Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562. The Company, therefore, publicly provide this information regarding rationales and methods of collecting, utilizing and releasing your personal information along with promoting your legal rights as the data owner

 2.       Purposes of Personal Data Processing

         The Company collects personal data in video files through the CCTV system for the following purposes

  • To monitor and prevent harm to people’s lives and health such as crimes.
  • To lawfully maintain the Company’s interest or other entities’ such as to control and prevent harmful events or emergencies.

 3.       Personal data we collect and use

         According to the objectives stated in item 2. The company installed CCTV in a visible location. There will be a warning sign indicating the use of CCTV at the entrance and exit. including the area, the company considers it a point that requires surveillance. to collect your personal information when you enter the area

Items of personal information

  • Still images
  • Animation
  • sound
  • Images of your property such as vehicles, bags, hats, clothing, etc.

         The location of the CCTV is distributed in the public areas of the hospital. However, the Company will not install CCTV in areas that may unreasonably infringe upon your fundamental rights, such as rooms, bathrooms, shower rooms, or places for use in worker rest.

 4.       Disclosure of your personal information

         The company will keep the information in the CCTV about you confidential. and will not disclose unless

It is necessary for the Company to be able to achieve the surveillance objectives set out in this announcement. We may disclose information on CCTV to the following categories of individuals or entities:

4.1    Agencies with powers and duties as required by law to help support in law enforcement or for investigations, investigations or litigation

4.2    Third Party Service Providers For the necessity of ensuring the prevention or suppression of harm to life, body, health and property of you or others.

 5.       Data Retention Period

  • The CCTV system runs 24 hours and stores the footage for 30 days before the files are deleted.
  • In the event that the video files are required for investigation by the authorities, the video files will be saved until the end of the investigation.
  • In the event that the video files are used in court, the video files will be saved until the end of the justice process

 6.       Safety measures

         The Company shall maintain the safety of personal data management with organizational and technical standards required by law using appropriate systems to prevent unauthorized access.

In the event that there is a request from company staff or departments to obtain footage from CCTV system, the process is as follows

  • Complete the form of request to access the CCTV footage.
  • The security officer screens the form and get an authorization from line of command
  • The security informs the security officer in charge of CCTV to obtain the footage. The security officer must be present during the process of obtaining footage.
  • Record in the request form the names of security supervisor and the security officer of CCTV room and all other personnel involved in the access of CCTV footage.
  • In the event that law enforcement officer requests for an access to the CCTV footage, written authorization from Hospital Director is required.  

 7.       Sharing of CCTV information to third parties

  • The Company may share the CCTV information to the authorities when official requests in writing are made and the purposes for the footage is to be a part of investigative or judicial processes.
  • The Company allows access of CCTV information to CCTV vendors for the purposes of repairing or maintaining the system. Such vendors are required to provide the Company assurance that they have security measures regarding personal data protection.

 8.       Your Rights as the Data Subject

         As the data subject, you have the right to request the Company to take the following acts in relation to your Personal Data, to the extent permitted by law:

  • Right to withdraw consent: you have the right to withdraw consent for the Company to process your Personal Data, for which you had given consent, any time which your Personal Data is retained with the Company;
  • Right of access: you have the right to access your Personal Data and to request that the Company makes copies of the same, as well as request that the Company discloses any acquisition of your Personal Data for which you had not given consent;
  • Right to rectification: you have the right to request that the Company rectifies inaccurate Personal Data, or to add to the existing Personal Data which is incomplete
  • Right to erasure: you have the right to request that the Company erases your Personal Data, for certain reasons;
  • Right to restriction of Processing: you have the right to request that the Company suspends the use of your Personal Data, for certain reasons;
  • Right to data portability: you have the right to transfer your Personal Data which you had provided to the Company to another Data Controller, or to yourself, for certain reasons;
  • Right to object: you have the right to object to the Processing of your Personal Data, for certain reasons;


Contact Information.

                You can contact make inquiries or use of any rights regarding personal data at:

                Wattanapat  Ao Nang Hospital Company Limited

                555 Moo 5 Tumbol Aonang,  Amphur Muang, Krabi 81180

                Telephone number: 07 581 5555

                E-mail address:


                                                                         Effective from 1st June 2022

                                                    Announced on 30th May 2022